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We represent companies, investors, & others in a broad range of matters, including:

  • Startup counseling
  • Formation of partnerships joint ventures, LLCs, C corporations and S Corporations
  • Dissolution of a business
  • Debt and equity financing transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructuring or conversion of type of company
  • Lease agreements
  • Stock option plan, option documents and securities filings
  • Stock purchase agreements and “accredited investor” documentation
  • SEC and state securities laws compliance
  • Business strategy
  • Business and legal advice on day-to-day matters
  • Review, negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, including NDAs, non-competition, confidentiality, indemnification, SOWs, employment, licensing and distribution agreements, restricted stock purchase agreements and other founder and shareholder agreements.
  • Corporate governance, including board and shareholder matters
  • Management, employment and compensation issues
  • Employment, advisor and consulting agreements
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California Business Building And Essential Legal Services

Starting a business is not easy, nor is running one. But the legal foundations you lay upon its start will help make the process of running it easier and safer. This article explores the legal services you can rely on to help start your service by working with Insight Legal P.C., including:

  • The right moment to hire an attorney during the business-creating process.
  • The key legal steps and documents needed to start a business in California.
  • Risk management tools and strategies available for entrepreneurs and employers.

What Legal Services Does Insight Legal P.C. Provide To California Businesses?

Insight Legal P.C. can help you form limited liability companies/ LLCs and corporations in every type of industry. This could be for a tech business, like a cutting-edge start-up, or a traditional service sector enterprise, like a hair salon and mom-and-pop shop.

In order to help you do so properly, we provide all the same documents that the best firms in Silicon Valley provide. We form companies in various states, including California and Delaware, with Delaware corporations being particularly well suited to startup businesses that want to get acquired or potentially undergo an IPO later.

Finally, we take pride in offering insightful contract preparation and review services for all general, commercial, and employment needs because once you get started, we are keen to see you succeed and thrive.

When Is It Ideal To Hire An Experienced Business Law Attorney To Help You Start A Small Business?

As soon as you are ready to start, and even when you are still thinking about it, consulting an attorney is an excellent first step. Not only will an experienced lawyer help you figure out what type of business entity is ideal in your situation, but we will also make sure you go about doing so in the best possible manner. After all, starting off on the right foot is key to later success and lower risk.

What Are The Key Legal Steps And Compliance Documents For Creating A New Business In California?

If you are looking to create a new business in California, you can take the first step by hiring our firm, signing an engagement letter, and providing the necessary legal fees. That is when you will decide, with our help, what kind of a company you want, whether it's a corporation or LLC, and in what state.

Once that is decided, we will file either articles of incorporation or articles of organization, depending on what type of entity structure you chose. Then there will be other miscellaneous documents, including:

  • Organizational board consent or member consent bylaws for corporations,
  • Operating agreements for LLCs,
  • Various stock-related agreements for corporations such as common stock purchase agreements,
  • Employee proprietary information agreements,
  • Indemnity agreements,
  • Securities filings,
  • And more…

These provide the backbone of the legal entity of your company and are essential to any business endeavor.

How Can Insight Legal P.C. Help Me Mitigate Business Risks?

Having all the correct documents in place is obviously important, especially when it comes to reducing risks later down the line. Properly crafted agreements between shareholders or partners are vital to avoiding or easily resolving conflicts later.

Properly forming and executing these documents is the groundwork for all the planning and management strategies upon which the success of your company will depend. And if anyone attacks or sues your enterprise, you will have the essential protections in place.

What Contracts Will An Experienced California Attorney Help You Draft To Form And Run A Business?

At its heart, in many ways, a company is built on contracts. First, the company is formally incorporated by registering it with the appropriate secretary of state, as well as with informational filings in any other states. Then, you need the federal employer identification number and any other supporting shareholder agreements to start a business.

After that, contracts govern everything from internal structures to external interactions, employee behavior and management, and corporate obligations and objectives. It is always best to have an experienced California business law attorney to help draft all of these when starting a business here or expanding into the state. After all, every state has different laws, all of which need to be taken into account when writing up statutes, documents, and contracts. For more information on Legal Services For Starting A Business In California, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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