“We had to complete our trust creation at the earliest possible as we were in the middle of home purchase and wanted to make sure we can register it on the trust. Ranvir sent a questionnaire and brochures to help us understand the process. Next day he created draft documents and shared with us. After few corrections in names (my fault in filling incorrectly in the questionnaire in first place), we were scheduled to sign next day evening at his office. Ranvir did thorough job of covering us all aspects of trust and executing super fast. Thank you Ranvir and team.”– Venkat

“Ranvir and his team from day one I contacted the firm were very brief on the procedure needed to be done to create a trust, explained in details and patiently for the questions raised with pros and cons and help me divert in the right direction without imposing his personal views. It was me actually creating delay in the work to get done but Ranvir followed up throughout the process in professional manner and waited for my response instead of rushing through things. I would highly recommend Insight Global and Ranvir personally to all my freinds and family for their future needs.”– A Satisfied Client

“We had a tenant/landlord issue with onerent.co, the property management of the unit we rented. We reached out to Ranvir for advice through my employer’s legal plan. Ranvir was patient in listening, quick in action and was to the point in responses. The property management of our unit was very rude and was not fixing a shower with no water for more than 6 weeks. They were collecting the full rent for a defective unit and were forcing us to pay the remainder of the rent with penalty if we choose to move out because of the defective unit. This was a very big nuisance for our family for more than a month. When I called Ranvir, he was quick to respond, sent them a legal notice and responded to the emails and the property management finally agreed and sent us an email that we can move out of the defective unit without penalty. Ranvir went out of his way in writing emails and helping us out of this situation. If it was not for Ranvir, we would have been forced to continue our stay in the situation with no consideration form the onerent.co property management. We hope we do not get into such situation again, but if we happen to, we know who to consult. Would definitely recommend Ranvir 5/5 to friends and family.”– Sushwanth

“I am glad I consulted with the Insight Legal team. The initial contact was very pleasant. Attorney Ranvir Sandhu and team listened to our needs and communicated clearly every step of the way. We had earlier concerns when they asked us for onsite signing, primarily due to Covid-19. Our worry was put to rest for they provided a safe environment. They took all the necessary precautions such as wearing masks, hand sanitizers and wipes. During the signing, they explained the process clearly and addressed all of our questions. They were very thorough and took their time in making sure that we understand our estate planning documents. I highly recommend Insight Legal.”– Roehl

“I hired Ranvir a couple of times for estate planning and once for my case on small claim court. He has been very helpful and crisp. Every time he would get back to me within a day or so while moving the ball forward. In my estate planning case, he was very efficient with the process.”– A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Attorney Ranvir. My wife and I utilized his services for Estate Planning specifically creating Trust, Power of Attorney, and Last Will documents. He provided a very easy to understand questionnaire for this process. Throughout, Ranvir was quite helpful in answering our questions promptly. For the signing, we went to his office in Fremont and he provided a safe / clean environment to do all the paperwork. As we were signing documents, he explained them again with a lot of patience. After a few days of signing, he provided the executed documents via pdf (box) and also mailed us a nice binder with originals to our home address.”– Muhammad

“Mr. Ranvir was a ray of hope for my family at a time when our options seemed limited with this covid-19 pandemic and the lock-down, the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed slim. Thanks a lot!”– A Satisfied Client

“Ranvir did an amazing job will my will and trust and went well beyond what was required! After which I asked him to review some work completed by an online service provider. I was shocked with his findings! I wish I used this firm earlier as Ranvir found a lot of gaps and half-finished things. I could tell he was very experienced when he started to asked me all detailed questions. He was very helpful in getting everything squared away and at a very reasonable price! I was impressed with his professionalism and responsiveness. I would definitely recommend his firm to anyone looking for Estate Planning and LLC Formation.”– Alexander

“I had a contract dispute with a large local plumbing company and needed good advice urgently. I reached out to Insight Legal. Ranvir was prompt in responding to my consult request. He took my initial call and patiently listened while I provided a broad overview of my specific situation. He gave me some pointers which I used to work with the plumbing company to negotiate a settlement amount that was ~50% less than the amount claimed. He subsequently took time to review the proposed simple one page settlement agreement I received from the contractor and substantially beefed it up to make sure my interests were protected and that I would not be exposed to any future claims or liability. Ranvir was polite and thoroughly professional in my interactions. Highly recommend him. 5 stars, well deserved.”– A Satisfied Client

“I was starting a business and I had no idea where to go. I found Insight Legal online. I reached out and got a response back for a consultation in less than 30 minutes. Ranvir clearly articulated the difference aspects of business formations, the consequences and liabilities related to each. Ranvir informed me what was best for my particular business needs and was transparent. Ranvir charges a flat fee generally for corporate formation. He was able to answer all my questions. Ranvir also helped me with other business-related issues that I had. He is a very reasonable and experienced attorney and professional. I highly recommend using Ranvir for your business needs.”– A Satisfied Client

“We needed a trust and hired Ranvir through our legal plan. He did a great job and in fact followed up to ensure our trust is amended after we bought the house. A generous and professional team works for him. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to leverage legal services.”– Venkat

“Out of the many options i consulted with, Insight Legal’s Ranvir was by far the best option to go with. He was professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and a pleasure to interact with. It was a great experience working with Insight Legal to create our Revocable Trust. Their main office is in Fremont, but we were so happy to work with them remotely and was happy that Ranvir took the time to drive out to the Tracy office to sign out final documents.”– Ryan J.

“I was in need of my estate planning done, and I had no idea on what it is and what all it takes. But then I got in contact with Ranvir’s Insight Legal, and Ranvir helped me understand the entire process along with answering all the questions I had and then after submitting the required documents, he was ready with all my estate planning/trust etc. in very short time, with all accurate details, and finally signed and got the complete processing completed successfully without any hassel, with very reasonable price. I would highly recomment Ranvir for any of your estate planning/trust/will work if you want to have reliable/fast/accurate service. Thanks Ranvir.”– Vijay M.

“I had a great experience with Ranvir & his team. He has been extremely thorough in providing all the details about Estate planning. I highly appreciate his professional approach.”– Tanvir M.

“Received Living Trust service from Mr Sandhu. He was perfect for my needs. Totally recommend him!!!!”– James K.

“Ranvir is very knowledgeable, well organized and an amazing professional. He explained the whole process to me over a call and made it so easy to get our estate planning done including our appointment and signatures. One thing that stands out is that whenever I had any questions, he was so quick to respond to my emails/calls. I felt like he was always looking for my best interests. I highly recommend Ranvir and his team to anyone who wants to get estate planning done.”– Nishant D.

“I had my Living Trust re-instated (re-done), and the Insight Legal Law Firm did a fantastic job. The communication from the first phone call to the final signing was straightforward. They use technology appropriately to avoid logistical delays in executing documents and in ensuring prompt firm-client discussions when needed. The entire process was smooth and was done quickly. At the in-person meeting, Ranvir Sandhu was extremely well prepared. The final binder documents (including a thumb drive of the documents with signatures) provided by Ranvir was well organized and easy to jump to various parts in estate plan document. Cannot say enough about how great my experience was. Ranvir and his team rock!! Thank you”– Uppon A.

“Today I completed created the Living Trust. Big Relief and Thanks to Ranvir! Whole process was smooth and simple. One of my friend was telling it takes lot of time and you have to go through lot of documents before deciding everything, but honestly it didn’t take more than 6 hours for the complete process(including the signing). Thank you Ranvir for all the Guidance and answering my questions with patience. I would highly recommend Ranvir for any legal matters as he is very knowledgable and helpful.”– Swamy S.

“I had no idea how estate planning is done until I reached out to Team Insight Legal. Their multi step approach to address one thing at a time and giving every step the required time is super helpful. As my first call I was explained about the time commitment, involvement and the steps in entire process. We did one step at a time so we could understand and complete it with full satisfaction. Team insight was more than willing to jump on a quick call to explain any minute details in the documentation (it’s need and relevance both). With COVID in place they were diligent about ensuing safety and sanity. We were only called to office once to sign the document in personal (which is a legal requirement). The room was cleaned and sanitized. With Ione party at a time approach we got all the attention and confidence to walk into their office. I would definitely suggest to work with them for your legal needs.”– Gaurav

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