About Insight Legal

Insight Legal is a boutique Bay Area law firm focused on corporate law, estate planning and real estate law, with staff having over 20 years of experience working at top law firms. We are dedicated and focused to our work and believe accessibility and responsiveness are key things needed in catering to all of our clients’ every specific and unique individual need.

Unlike Big Law firms, there will be no junior lawyer getting on-the-job training while working on any of your matters. Not only can we act as our clients’ legal advisor, but also as a business strategist to individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, emerging companies at all stages to the more established and well-funded companies.

We also help preserve your legacy through estate planning. Every smart person out there will know they should probably get a living trust.

Personalized Service

We will roll-up our sleeves and work directly with you every step of the way. You will get the personal attention you deserve and never feel like you need to reach the partner on your legal team because everyone seems so busy working on other things (because they probably are).

Cost Efficiency

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality legal services with a great attorney-client relationship, with fees being the last thing on peoples’ mind. Quality, cost-effective personal service is important, so we have a genuine interest on what our clients are doing and really want to help get them where they want to go in the most efficient way; this may include formation, general corporate governance, leading negotiations on various matters, advising on transactional/strategic direction, reviewing contracts, reviewing alternatives and procuring resources and business relationships and individualized estate plans.

Furthering Your Best Interests

Simply put, we care about our clients and look out for their best interests as far as legal strategy and efficiency is concerned. We combine Big Law experience with integrity, professionalism, and commitment. Full transparency, open communication, and trust are among the things that are required in creating a continued and lasting relationship with our clients. If your goals change, we will seek alternative avenues.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We help companies get set up from the ground up and can guide you during every growing pain: We help entrepreneurs get their ducks in order in preparation of raising funds, help with strategic partnerships and provide resources for moving onto the next stage, be it capital raising, to a sale, public offering or other exit strategy.
  • We are well versed in corporate law: We are former Big Law attorneys that have worked on various types of transactions, challenges and matters that many companies will inevitably encounter one time or another.
  • We aren’t experts in everything, but that’s OK: Where we are not able to cover you, we have reputable allies at Big Law firms and the smaller, well-versed firms like us with great experience in their own legal field, be it sexual harassment in employment, litigation, major financing transactions or IPOs, etc. Rest assured, we will help engage them and work with you every step of the way.
  • We don’t mind cleaning up messes: We will take a step back if we inherit a client from another firm or all your corporate matters were done DIY (Yikes, but it happens!). We will do a corporate audit and clean everything up, so your company is ready to open its minute books, financing documents and files to prospective investors.
  • We want to know our clients and their business: If you’ve ever tested out other firms or engaged another firm to take over because you were not happy, you will often find they know little to nothing about you, your history or your product. Similar to a doctor and his/her patient; They don’t know their name, but they do know the diagnosis. The same can go with the law. Lawyers see your legal documents and figure they know where you are and whom you are. Not in our case. We want to know you so we can better help you succeed.

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