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Taking the necessary steps to ensure that your family is secure is a top priority for everyone. You wouldn’t buy a house without windows or doors, so why would you leave your financial future to chance? With a bit of work and dedication, you can ensure that the hard work you’re putting in now pays off in the future.

Estate planning allows us to plan for our futures strategically. The money, assets, property, and businesses we are building now are vehicles for generating income that can be passed down in the future. However, many people don’t know how to ensure the longevity of their work now.

With over 20 years of shared experience amongst our team, Insight Legal takes preparation and attention to detail to a whole new level. Serving Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas, our goal is to assist you in transforming your financial successes of today into your financial resources of tomorrow.

One of our most popular practice areas is estate planning. This approach is fantastic for creating, maintaining, and executing future goals. Starting with a consultation, we assess and evaluate where you are now and where you want to go. We're happy to assist whether you need complete estate planning services or legal counsel to make changes.

Estate Planning In Los Angeles, CA

While we are not tax accountants or financial advisors, we offer the legal remedies to solidify your future goals. Estate planning is typically done by an estate planning law firm. Although you may have documents regarding business succession or even trusts already set up, having a lawyer to prepare estate planning documents is the better way to go.

A specific skill set is required to execute these kinds of specialized documents. Your estate planning lawyer must understand your goals and intentions. These documents are meant to ensure there is a proper process for the things that you want.

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Do I Need An Estate Planning Lawyer?

Dedicated San Francisco, CA Estate Planning Lawyer

If you are planning for the security of your future, you will want to speak with an estate planning law firm. Insight Legal in Los Angeles, CA, has years of experience working with clients who want to ensure the protection of their families.

Every solid estate plan includes more than just a will. There are documents to ensure that businesses and property are passed down to specific beneficiaries. Many of these documents determine the fate of different assets. Our firm can help you understand what you need and how to utilize it.

Are There Specific Documents Needed For An Estate Plan?

Typically, Insight Legal advises four documents as essential in your estate plan:

  1. Revocable Living Trust
  2. Pour-over Will
  3. Durable Power of Attorney
  4. Advance Health Care Directive

All of these documents ensure the plans that you laid go accordingly. A trust identifies your estate's beneficiaries and what they get. It also is how ownership is transferred. A pour-over will enables that any assets not included in the trust, will integrate upon your passing.

Your power of attorney and health care derivative enables you to choose who is in control in the event you or someone you’ve named in your will becomes incapacitated. The person chosen will be able to make decisions on others’ behalf.

Our firm has helped many clients in Los Angeles, CA, set up these documents and keep them well-maintained and updated. Your estate planning lawyer can advise you on what documents may most benefit your situation.

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Does Everyone In My Family Need An Estate Plan?

Dedicated San Francisco, CA Estate Planning Lawyer

Generally, an estate plan is for your family. Individually, spouses may have separate trusts, powers of attorney, etc. However, all of these documents would coincide with each other.

A husband may have his wife and someone else with powers of attorney and vice versa for the wife. Having all these documents work in tandem is the best way to benefit from them. An estate planning lawyer will know how to ensure that these documents cover all of your bases.

Remember, the estate plan concerns the property and assets in your name. Parties with separate assets would have separate documentation that splits out the exact directives for individual property and assets. However, shared interests would be in one estate plan with separate directives dictating separate assets.

Still Have More Questions?

Insight Legal | Los Angeles, CA

Are you overwhelmed by the ever-evolving to-do list for your estate planning strategy? Call Insight Legal today and put your worries at ease!

With years of experience serving our Los Angeles, CA clients, we’re committed to ensuring you take the proper steps to protect your future. It may seem like you have all the time in the world to make a plan, but the truth is no one does. We never know what life may throw at us, so it is always best to be prepared.

Now is a great time to write down all of your directives and plans for the future. This will help keep your assets and family out of probate and ensure that everything is handled. Call Insight Legal at (510) 916-2100 for a risk-free consultation today!

Call now for a free, risk-free consultation | (510) 916-2100
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